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      JCDecaux started its operation in China in 2005. Since then, it has grown to be a leading force in the outdoor media industry, leading the metro, bus, airport, street furniture and campus advertising networks. Covering major dynamic cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, JCDecaux China is set to strengthen its domination in this burgeoning country. Read More ›

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      JCDecaux Transport Hong Kong


      JCDecaux Transport currently manages advertising concessions for MTR Corporation, Hong Kong International Airport, Airport Express, Macau International Airport and Pacific Place Passages. JCDecaux Transport is ranked the number one Out-of-Home Media for the fourth year running1, and is at the forefront of spearheading digital innovation in Asia. Read More ›Source: Marketing Hong Kong September 2013, “OOH Media of the Year” P34 – 35

      • JCDecaux Transport
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      JCDecaux Digital Vision Hong Kong


      JCDecaux Digital Vision manages the advertising concession of the MTR TV and Digital Panel Network in the metro. Operating Hong Kong’s most extensive outdoor High Definition TV Network with the biggest screen size, JCDecaux Digital Vision constantly diversifies their media offerings in response to the growing demand of digital advertising.

      JCDecaux Cityscape Hong Kong


      JCDecaux Cityscape – Hong Kong’s Nº1 Street Furniture advertising company – operates the only Bus Shelter and Tramcar Advertising Network in Hong Kong. Pioneering Bus Shelter advertising since 1993, JCDecaux Cityscape expanded its unrivalled above-ground advertising network to over 6,000 Bus Shelter panels, 1,640 Buses, and 140 Trams, carving an important niche in the out-of-home market as a showcase for the world’s best brands. Read More ›

      JCDecaux MACAU


      JCDecaux Macau was established with the HN Group in 2001 to implement JCDecaux’s first Street Furniture advertising contract in Macau and to operate the interior and exterior advertising space of Macau International Airport. In addition, having also recently brought the youngest bus fleet of more than 220 brand new buses to Macau, JCDecaux now enjoys a strong presence across the entire city, offering a citywide network that covers all prime routes with maximum exposure.

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    • India

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      JCDecaux India


      JCDecaux India is the leading Out-of-Home player in the market since it was established in 2006. With the continuous effort to expand its media offering, JCDecaux India has the most diversified Out-of-Home network in India. JCDecaux India operates Street Furniture advertising in Delhi and Mumbai, and Transport advertising at Bangalore International Airport and Delhi Airport Metro Express Line.

    • Japan

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      • Cyclocity

      MCDecaux JAPAN


      MCDecaux was established in 2000 as a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation, Inc. and JCDecaux. Pioneering the Out-of-Home network in Japan, MCDecaux’s Street Furniture (Cityscape®) network now spans across 9 regions in 39 cities across the country, and operates in 163 large shopping centers nationwide (Mallscape®). In March 2010, the JCDecaux CyclOcity-Toyama scheme was launched, providing 150 bicycles spread across 15 bike stations to the residents of Toyama, Japan. Read More ›

    • Korea

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      JCDecaux Korea


      In 2001, IPDecaux was founded as a joint venture between JCDecaux and Inpoong, one of Korea’s major outdoor companies. This collaboration ended on 14 March 2011, with JCDecaux taking over the entire operations under the official company name, JCDecaux Korea. JCDecaux Korea has a diverse media network and is the Nº1 operator of Island (Central Bus Platforms) and the exclusive operator of Taxi Shelters in Seoul. Read More ›

    • Mongolia

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      JCDecaux Mongolia

      In 2014, JCDecaux entered the Mongolian market through a joint venture agreement with Trade Development Bank Media, a fully-owned TBD (Trade Development Bank) sister company. As part of this joint venture, JCDecaux has been awarded a 30-year contract, by the City of Ulan Bator. The contract covers the installation, upkeep and maintenance of over 200 advertising bus shelters, 150 free-standing City Information Panels and other street furniture.

    • Singapore

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      JCDecaux Singapore


      JCDecaux entered Singapore in 1998 with a commitment to delivering the best and most advanced Out of Home Media solutions across the island. The Company’s advertising portfolio includes Changi Airport, premium shopping malls, prime pedestrian underpasses, large format billboards and cinema advertising making it the most diversified Out-of-Home network in Singapore. For the 6th consecutive year, JCDecaux Singapore has maintained the number one spot for Out-of-Home Media1, bringing excellence to the Out-of-Home medium through product innovation, high quality design, maintenance and the best locations. Read More ›Source: Marketing Singapore September 2015

    • Thailand

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      JCDecaux Thailand


      Established in 1996, JCDecaux Thailand pioneered the Street Furniture concept in Thailand, with the mission to introduce innovative street furniture that will deliver solutions and results for advertisers. Following the opening of Suvarnabhumi Airport in 2006, JCDecaux Thailand launched its airport advertising division to service the advertising needs of Southeast Asia’s aviation hub.